Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

 Anna got quite good at unwrapping her gifts.  She had a lot of practice unwrapping.  Anna got the majority of the Christmas gifts.  It is just so fun buying for Anna and seeing her unwrap the gifts! I may have gone a little overboard!  I could really careless if I got any gifts.  Just the joy I got from seeing my little girl open her presents was gift enough for me!  Things do change once you have kids!

 It was definitely a baby doll Christmas for Anna.  She got four dolls, one from her Aunt Sariah, one from her Grandma Susie, one from Nanna Sandy and one from me.  She also got a baby doll stroller, which she pushes all four dollies around in. 
 Anna in her Christmas PJ's.  Kitty cats are quite popular around here. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a pretty low key Christmas, we unwrapped gifts with Adam's parents had breakfast then we took a nap.  Anna slept for three hours since she woke up at 4am.  I guess she was just too excited about all her gifts. 

Christmas with the Cottams

 Anna and McKensie became sweet little friends while she was here visiting for 10 days!
 My favorite pictures from Christmas is Anna grabbing an ornament from Grandmas tree.  So sweet!!!
 Couple of cutie pies!!

Check out Anna's hair!  I gave her two half french brads, then attached them in the middle.  I was dieing from the cuteness!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bend Trip

 This was Anna's first time in snow!  She was very curious about all the white stuff on the ground.  We woke up to about 6 inches of new snow on the morning we were going to leave.  We scrambled to get chains for our car and guide our way through the snow. 

 It was fun seeing Anna and her cousin McKensie play together.  We also enjoyed quite a few rounds of Scrabble. Although I am not that good at the game it was a lot of fun and one of my new favorites
Anna was really good in the car.  With all the snow on the ground it took up 6 hours to drive home, where it normally take 3.  There was only a minor incident when we got back in the car, after eating dinner.  Anna had a dirty dipper and she was not having it.  It was a full on fit.  Screaming, legs and arms kicking, she meant business, I have never seen her that mad.  We tried to find a place to change her but came up short.  I finally had to change her in her car seat.  It was pretty amazing, after she was changed she was totally calm again.  Happy baby = Dry dipper!

Thanksgiving 2010

 Aunt Lynelle and My sisters - Naomi, Rebekah and Jessica.
 Out for a pre-Thanksgiving walk.
 We got a little snow in Ashland the day we were going back to Portland. 

Nothing is better then being with your family on the holidays!  I am so glad I got to see my family and share Thanksgiving with them.

Touring Portland

 Adams cousin Brook-Lynn came in to town in the beginning of November.  We took her down town to try and convince her she needs to move here.  I really think she would love it here.  Anna really loved her too.  I have never seen Anna want to be held by anyone else as much as she wanted to be held by Brook-Lynn. 

 Sweeties little face I have ever seen!

 This could possibly be the cutest thing I have ever seen!  Only in Portland!