Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 5 the Alhambara & Granada Part Two

This beautiful building was actually a hospital/Nursing school.

The walls all had a beautiful fresco painted on them.

Spanish people were not to fond of our President!
We got lost while driving around the town of Granada, so we decided to follow this buss through the winding streets. The buss eventually lead us down to the main town.

While waiting for Ken and Susie to be done at the Alhambra, Adam and I took a side trip. We found a very steep trail that lead down to the town. (we later found out that Ken and Susie took a nap inside the Alhambra, Busted)

There were other building inside that Alhambra grounds. This one was constructed by Queen Isabella in the 15th century.

The Alhambra had the most amazing gardens.
Everything had so much detail, even the ground.

I love the hedges! Susie said, after seeing these gardens she was rethinking her own.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 5 the Alhambara Part One

This is a shot of the ceiling in one of the rooms in the Alhambra.
Yes, that is Adam and I kissing at the top of the reflection pool!

So much detail went into this amazing palace!
This is what the court yard looks like!
They were working of restoring a fountain while we were there.
Everything had so much detail in it. It is hard to imagine people carving out these intricate patterns all by hand.

The tile work was all so beautiful! I had a hard time stopping myself form taking hundreds of pictures of them.

This was one of the courtyards. I heard a tour guide said that a reflection pool were a status symbol. The bigger the pool the more power you had.

The was the summer palace. It was not to far away from the main palace and it was just as beautiful.

Granada, the town where the Alhambra is located it the city of the pomegranate. Every where we went in the city there was pomegranate's.
It was hard to take a bad picture! Every step you took was another amazing view! No wonder we took 1000 pictures of the place!

The beautiful city of Granada, as seen form the palace.