Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweet Six Months

I can hardly believe that my new born baby is six months old! A whole half a year old. This is just crazy to me.

Anna has developed so much in the last month. She can now sit up unassisted for a few minutes. She is eating baby food like crazy, she can't get enough. She can say "Mama" quite well, especially when she is tired and cranky. We are still working on saying "Dada". Adam works on that daily with Anna, so I am sure it will be her next word.

We went to Anna's six month check up last week and she is going great. I was a little concerned that she only gained 3/4 of a pound in two months. The Doc. said it was nothing to worry about. Here are her six month stats: Weight 15 lbs 11 ozs and height 27 inches.
Anna's hair just keeps getting longer and longer. I actually had to give her a trim recently, so she wouldn't have a baby mullet. I kept the hair of course!

One of my favorites~So happy!

Sweetest little face I have ever seen!

So precious!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet little laugh.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doing something on Saturday!

It feels like ages since we have gone out and actually did something on Saturday. Since the weather was cooperating we decided to head into down town Portland for a little adventure.

I was bummed when we found out that Saturday market was not going on today. Instead there was a vast empty space where the elephant ear cart should of been! How rude!

Little Anna was fast asleep in Daddy's arms, when the Amtrak came around the corner and blew it's horn so loud it could wake the dead. Needless to say the nap was over and crying commenced!

Empty Saturday Market!

Eating at my favorite Thai restaurant finished off our little trip. Nothing like a little Pad Thai to make you feel better.

Such a happy girl! After two weeks of crying and not letting me out of her sight the tides have turned. Anna is now happily playing with her Daddy and letting him hold her. She is doing a lot more smiling and laughing which makes us so happy! Anna is also going to bed and waking up at a decent time, which has to do a lot with her and my happiness. Things are looking up.