Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 1/2 months

Some up dates on Anna. Anna started to eat "real" food this last week. She loves her food and can't get enough. Anna grabs at everything and try to put it in her mouth. Her favorate things to put in her mouth include Mommy's hair, paper, her feet, toys, clothes and her hands.

Anna has become a Mommy's girl. She will not let me out of her sight. If I put her down and try to do things like clean of take a shower, she screams in protest until I pick her up. This does not make for a happy Mommy! Even Adam can't seem to calm her down. Adam has taken to calling him self the second string.

Anna loves to be outside. When ever we go on walks she is a perfect little angel. She just looks around in wonder the whole time. It must be so fascinating seeing things for the first time. The whole world is so new to her.

Anna can now say Mama, Although I usually only hear her say mama when she is crying for me. She is still sounding out many syllables and I have no doubt she will say many more things soon.

All in all Anna is a sweet, happy and healthy little girl, and that is all I could ever ask for. We just keep falling more and more in love with this sweet girl. She definitely has a hold of our harts in a big way!

Officially a food eater.

Sweet Potato for Anna's first real food.

No more paparazzi please! I'm eating here!

Anna loved her fist meal of sweet potato. She could not get enough of it. I was putting off feeding Anna real food, because that means she is growing up! I don't like the thought of my little nugget getting bigger, but I guess I will just have to deal.

With all of the effort she was putting into reaching for my food, I figured it was about time to indulge her. She was so excited to finally be able to eat real food. She kept grabbing the spoon and shoving it in her mouth! When I took the spoon away to get more food she made a little grunting sound and lunged forward to get more.

Anna is officially a food eater and not just a milk drinker. Baby steps!

Monday, January 18, 2010

After church photos.

Anna looks annoyed, but at least I look decent. Mommy out ranked baby, to have the picture on the blog.
I love how babies always have closed fists, it is so cute. Sadly Anna is growing out of this stage. It was always so much fun to open up her had and find lint in between her fingers. :)
Anna has Daddy's eyes for sure! They sure are pretty!

There are no lack of kisses on this babies cheeks! We sure love our sweet baby.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bug

Can this girl get any cuter? I think so. Everyday Anna surprises me, that she got even cuter!

As I sit her listening to Anna cry in her crib (sleep training is not going so well). I think about how much I love my little bug. She has been the bright light in my day, for the last almost five months. I can't imagine my life with out her! She is growing so quick, I know I need to savor every moment with her. So even though she is crying for hours on end. I know this too will pass, and every moment is a blessing!

Just feeling blessed!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Simply a Wonderful Christmas Time.

We had a wonderful Christmas in Medford, with my family. I always love seeing my sisters and parents. Anna enjoyed being the center of attention for five days. I am not sure she was ever put down, with all her Aunts and Grandparents around.

As I predicted, Anna was not interested in any of the presents. She was still recovering from the night before when she stayed up until 4am. She just really wanted to see Santa Claus!

I love going to Jacksonville during the Christmas season! They have the whole town decorated in a Victorian theme.

It was simply a wonderful Christmas!