Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas Mom.

Hi Mom! Here is the picture you requested, with Anna wearing her darling Christmas dress and tights you gave her. She looks absolutely scrumptious in her outfit! I just want to eat her up!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Four Month Check Up.

It is official Anna is four months old! I can't believe it! She had her four month check up today and she is doing great. Here are her stats, weight 15 pounds, height 25 inches, cuteness over the top!
As an early Christmas present Anna got a Princess crib and pretty bedding. I think it is so gorgeous! I am not sure Anna will be too thrilled when she finds out that she has to move out of Mommy & Daddy's room. I am going to miss having her so close to me at night!
Such a cute baby! Anna get loads of complements when ever we go out. People especially love her hair and her cute piggy tails.
My Mom said I loved my Johnny Jump Up when I was a baby. When I saw the JENNY Jump Up at the store, I had to have it! We put her in it last night and she loved it!

Jump Jump Baby!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost four months old!

Time is sure flying by! Anna is going to be four months old this week. Anna just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. I like to say she is pure sugar!

Anna's hair is growing like crazy. I never thought i would have to manage a four month olds hair. It is fun putting it in different styles. My favorites are her "Bam Bam" pony tail, or her "Bugy tails", which make her look like she has little attains.

Anna is such an enjoyable baby! We just love her so much!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


My little sweetie looking extra cute on her first Thanksgiving!
Adam had a little incident while playing racketball with his brother and a friend. He got hit in the eye with a racket, creating this lovely black eye. So much for taking a cute family picture! Dang!
A little Daddy Daughter time. Adam sure loves his little girl!

Pre-Thanksgiving fun

JUICY, That is all I have to say about this picture!
So cute I have to post it twice! I rarely get pictures of Anna sleeping. She fell asleep in her daddys arms while at OMSI -Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
Adam watching his brother Chris and his son Mason in the ball room.
Adam and Sam - I could not help myself I had to get a picture of the two computer guys in front of this sign.
Jessica was giving Sam and electric charge. It was pretty fun seeing how fast Jessica could turn the wheel to make Sams hair stand up!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just to see her smile - I would do anything!

I finally caught Anna smiling! I think she has the cuties smile ever! It sure is enough to melt my heart!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anna is 3 months today.

My Sweet little Anna is three months old today. She has grown so much. There are so many sweet moments that I just want to freeze in time. Anna has started to smile. She has to be the right mood to smile. Today I saw her smiling at her stuffed monkey. It was so cute! There is nothing like a babies smile to brighten up your day!

Anna has discovered her hands and sucks on them all the time. She has tried on numerous occasions to put her whole fist in her mouth. I keep telling her that it is just not going to fit!

Anna is developing her own little personality. She is a funny little girl and is always making her parents crack up.

She is doing baby talk all the time now. I love listening to her little stories she tells. I could listen to her all day long.
We are so blessed with such a good baby! Everyday I spend with this little girl just makes me love her more.

My Sweet little Anna, don't grow up too fast.

Dancing with Daddy

This girl has moves! The things you do for entertainment on a Saturday night with a baby. At least we got a few cute pictures. I did not include the pictures of Anna break dancing on the coffee table. I will save those for later! This was just a cute Daddy Daughter moment!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

The two party animals. Adam was a vampire and Anna was a princess dragon. I know Anna's costume was a little random, but there is slim pickings on baby costumes. It was either a pumpkin or a dragon. I wanted to feminines it and make her look pretty, so i added the pink bow and pink tutu. Adam and I's costumes were very last minute. The party was at 630pm and I got the costumes at 530pm. I pretty much just got what I could grab. When I brought the vampire cape home Adam told me that he had an extreme fear of vampires as a kid. I thought that was pretty funny since he was now going to be one. At least he got to use his wedding tux a second time!
I was a butterfly, at least I had butterfly wings. I promise to do better next year. I am thinking we should be Snow White (Anna), Cinderella and Prince charming. We will see if it works out.
These two party animals did the cake walk, went through the hunted house and did some trunk or treating.

Everyone wanted to take candy from this cute baby!

All tired out! It was just too much parting for this little dragon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blessing day (revisited)

On Anna's Blessing day she was being less then cooperative. I wanted to get a few more pictures in her blessing dress so we could remember how beautiful she looked! She looks like a little angel don't you think? We really are bless to have such a sweet little girl!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet Pumkin Pie!

Our Sweet little Anna is already two months old. Here are her stats 12Lbs 23in. She is growing right on schedule, but entirely too fast for my liking. She is already out growing her newborn clothes and moved up the next size in diapers. I just want to keep her small and cute forever. I am excited to see her grow and learned new things. The sweeties thing I have ever seen is my babies smile! I sure love this little girl!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We are blessed

This last Sunday was Anna's blessing at our church. She looked so beautiful, just like a little angel. We feel so blessed to have this little girl come into our lives. She has been such a sweet baby! We just love her so much.

Anna & Mommy.
I love this little girl.
Daddy and his little princess.

Adam's Parents Ken and Susie Cottam
Audreys parents Curtis and Sandy Folsom. Audreys sister Rebekah.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl