Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anna's 21 months and counting!

Anna is now 21 months old.  I am not sure when you stop telling people how many months she is.  I am guessing when she turns two, which is only a few months away.  Anna has grown so much in the last few  months that I feel the need to record some of her little things she is doing.  Anna is definitely entering into the terrible twos.  I am realizing why they prefaces the twos with the word terrible.  I hope I survive with out having a complete meltdown or going insane. 

 Some of the little things Anna is doing are hilarious!  She has taken to telling everyone that they need to sit down on their bottom, including the cat.  She says "sit down, bottom".  Mr Niff doesn't listen to her very well so she chases him around.  Luck for him we still have a baby gate up that he can jump over to get away from her.  Addison/Mr. Niffs/Nene, is doing a lot better with Anna.  He even lets her lay on him and pull his tail with out much complaint.  Anna likes to bring toys over to him and play with him.  He mostly lays their and let her play.  I still have to keep an eye on them when they are together but I don't worry too much.
 Anna is my little parrot.  If you say something once she will repeat it.  There have been a few times at church, she has said things I got a little embarrassed about. The other Sunday Anna yelled out "butt cheeks" when she saw someone bend over.  She also said "sexy, sexy, sexy", I am not sure why.  I think she picked it up from a song on the radio.  I guess I need to stick to kids tunes in the car.
 Anna is my little book worm!  This girl loves books.  I have to go to the library every week to get new books for her.  We get a dozen books and we read almost all of them everyday.  I can tell she is picking up words and learning from the books. 
 Anna can count up to ten and say her ABC's up to P.  She says XYZ, sing with me at the end.  We are working on it and I know she will have the whole thing down soon.  Anna know most of her colors and even asks for things using the color.  She said today "I want red hat," and "I want green sweater".  Pure genius if you ask me. 
 Adam and I try and trick Anna sometimes by asking her a bunch of yes or no questions.  We will ask her if she wants a few different things, which she says no to.  Then we will ask her if she wants ice cream which she promptly says "yes".  We can not trick this girl!
 My favorite thing is when Anna gives me a big hug and says "I love you Mama".  It just makes it all worth it for me.  Anna is such a love.  I can tell she genuinely care about others and has a big heart. 
 It doesn't take much for Anna to like you, but she has a few people that she asks for all the time!  Her Grandpa Ken is a big favorite.  She asks for him almost every day, and says "Grandpas house" and "Grandpa today".  We are luck to have Adams parents close so that Anna can see them often.  We are having a Cottam family reunion in June and I have a feeling there is going to be a bit of jealousy, about the other grand kids playing with Grandpa. 
Her other favorite friend is Annalise.  Anna and Annalise are six days apart in age have known each other since birth.  Their little friendship is so sweet.  When they see each other there is always lots of hugs and kisses.  I feel so lucky that she can have such a good friend!

I sure love this little girl!  There is not a single thing I would want to change about her!  I think she is prefect!  I am so great full to be her mother and to be able to share and explore the world together.  I know there are going to be challenges, but I can't wait to see what each new day holds for her. 

I love you so much, my little love bug!