Monday, March 22, 2010

Mini Vacation

Anna's fist trip to the beach could not of been better! The weather was amazing! It felt like summer weather.

The first time baby toes touched sand!

Hiking at Ecola State Park. It was offically the windiest hike we have ever been on!
Even with all the wind, Daddy kept Anna snug as a bug. She even took a little nap.

One of the perfect days at the beach.

Oswald West State Park
Adam camped here 25 years ago with his family. Adam said that he was not disappointed, Oswald west was just as beautiful as he remembered it! I have to agree with him, it was quite idealistic!

Overlooking Manzanita beach.
Indiana Jones bridge!

I loved our mini vacation! It felt so good to get away for a while! We came back feeling rejuvenated and refreshed! I definitely will not wait two more years to go back.

I forgot to mention that this last week was Adam and I's four year anniversary, hence the trip to the beach. Still as in love as ever! I love you sweetie!

Anna's first sunset

Anna's Fist Beach Trip

Monday, March 15, 2010

Everyday Anna

It's simple little things that make up our day. I cherish my time with my sweet little Anna. She is such a love. I thought I would share a little of our everyday life. It is not an exciting life, but I love it!

We read a few books everyday, but they always end up in Anna's mouth. Yummy books!

Anna and I spend every waking minute together. Sometime i get a little silly to keep her happy. Proof of my silliness below in video! :-)

More to come!!!

She is on the move!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Driving Miss Anna

As a new mom I constantly worry about my little girl, sometimes obsessively. I think things like is she asleep or is she dead??? I am always thinking about the worst case scenario.

Having this little mirror has been a life saver. I can look in the rear view mirror and know that Anna is sleeping or staring out the window, not in fact dead! Plus it allows me to see sweet little images like the ones below! That is definitely something I do not want to miss out on!

Just so I don't miss out, are there any other baby must haves I should know about?