Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just another day at the beach, Folsom family camping trip to Newport Beach

Newport Beach Oregon, Folsom Family camping trip August 10 - 12 2007

Feeling a little Craby!

Inside the Crab Tank

Boy meets fish

Go Towards the light! :)

Newport Oregon Aquariam

Around the Camp Fire!

Naomi and Gabe, Ahhh!

Cute pic of my Brother - In-Law Gabe!

It's really hard to get a picture where everyone has a strait face around here!

Becks, Jess and Nomes or Rebakah, Jessica and Naomi What ever floats your boat!

Mommy and Nomes - 2 ladies close to my heart!

CutiePie! Jess

A family that plays together, stays together. There is never any lake of playing when the Folsoms get together.

I miss my sisters! Growing up in a family of Five girls, it gets a little lonely with out them around!

I really like this picture I took of Adam and my Dad! It makes it look like My Dad is
passing on some great wisdom! (Which he usually is!)
Jessica cracks me up. She saw Adam writing our names in the sand, so she wrote one that says Jessica + Your name here!

Adam was being super cute and writing our names in the Sand!

Rebekah my Baby Sis

On our way to the Beach we stoped to take some shots of this amazing view.

Gabe playing the Harmonica - He has some mad skills!

Folsom Family Trip to Newport, Oregon - Sariah, Todd and little Shawn (Sad). We had fun though. Dad and Jessica at the beach

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Unknown said...

that looks like so much fun! your family looks like a blast! i'm so jealous of all of your sisters. i don't even have one, and look at all yours! ;) you guys are a cute bunch. and that husband of yours is pretty darn good looking, i'd say. the views aren't bad, either. :)