Friday, July 2, 2010

My dream is coming true!

When Anna was first born I had a dream of doing a sweet birth announcement. I wanted her to wear a pretty pink tutu and a flower head band. Since I slacked/was over whelmed by being a new mom, I never got around to doing it.

Well I finally made a tutu and now all I need is a clear day to take some pictures outside. I am going to be sending out birthday/birth announcements hopefully in the next week. I am planning on a small butterfly birthday party for Anna on Saturday August 7th.

Lots of cute pictures to come!

1 comment:

The Cottams said...

Love the tutu.. I was wanting to get one of those for Mckensie.. you'll have to show me how you made it when we come to visit.. The plan is to be there on July 31 through August 6th..we'll miss the b-day party, so sad!!