Monday, February 13, 2012

My Funny little Valentine - Anna is two and a half

 I can't believe Anna is two and a half already.  The last six months I have seen my sweetie pie bloom.  Anna is can do anything she sets her mind to!  She loves to learn new things and absorbs everything like a little sponge.  Anna got a set of puzzles for Christmas and everyday she would sit and figure out how the pieces fit together and put the puzzle together and take it apart again.  She would not stop until she had every puzzle figured out. 
 Anna is Mommy's little helper.  She loves to help me cook and clean or do anything with me.  Sometimes its not the easiest thing to have her help, but I know she learns a lot from it. 
 Potty training is in full swing and we are getting really close to being done.  This little girl has a stubborn streak and will only do things in her own due time.  The key is to trick her into thinking it was her idea to start out with!
We sure love this little beauty!  She is going to be such a sweet big sister.  She likes to tell us that she has a baby in her tummy and she is going to come out soon.  We can't wait to meet our little nugget!  If she is anything like her big sister, she is going to be fabulous!