Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sevilla the Cathedral

Adams favorite bull statue! Evey time we drove by this bull Adam took about 100 pictures.
The view from the top of the Sevilla Cathedral.
These orange trees were part of the original Moreish castle that once stood here. The Cathedral was built over the top of the castle.

Flying buttresses.

Painters at work.

Adam and I in front of the beautiful Cathedral.

So much gold, so little time..

A crown fit for a princess.
The bones of Christopher Columbus are here in the coffin on the statues shoulders. Sevilla Spain is where Christopher Columbus started his voyage.

Beautiful stain glass in the cathedral.

The wall of Gold. Now we know that reason why Spain funded the trip to America. They wanted more gold to build things like this!

Your carriage awaits!

We climbed up into the bell tower in the cathedral. While we were up there the bells started ringing. the bells were startling to say the least!

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Unknown said...

more amazing photos and architecture! beautiful stuff.