Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2008 Hood to Coast

Running in 90 degree heat, I never missed a chance to cool off!

The Bing sisters, Allison, Rochelle & Laura Lee.

Our team was called the Bingsters. Our friends Allison and Kurt Plaster set up the whole team. Our team was a mix of Allisons and Kurts family and friends. each member of the team ran 3 times, between 5 and 8 miles for a total of 197 miles. I think I had the worst leg in the whole race. I ran up hill for 6 miles, climbing 1000 feet, on a gravel road, at 3am. There were vans going by me, so at times I saw nothing but dust. To top it off there were people filming a documentary of the race and as I got to the the end of my run I felt sick and told Adam I was going to throw up, right in front of the camera. Even after all of the pain I would do it all again!

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