Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hood to Coast Relay.

Adam was the fist runner. He started at Mt Hood. I ran second coming down the mountain. You might think it is easy running down hill, but I am telling you it is NOT! Adam got the biggest blister I have ever seen from his down hill run. If it was me with that blister I would of tapped out of the race. We packaged up Adams foot really well and he ran another 10 miles.

Some how I ended up with the 3rd hardest runs in the race. I really wanted to trade with Adam (He got one of the easiest runs) but after his blister incident, I had to dig deep and pull it off. The whole time I was running I kept thinking about a van that passed me. They wrote on the van "Suck it up and run", so that is what I did!

Adam and I after running our first leg of the race. Adam ran 5.45 and I ran 5.67 miles.

Adam with his Hood to coast tat!
The best pancake place ever! Or maybe I was just so hungry for real food that it taste like the best food ever! Let me tell you I was definitely Pig'n!

Below is some of the team that ran in Van 2. Sadly we didn't get to see much of them along the race.

At Seaside! Below Adam and Kurt.
We did it WooooHoooooo!

All the babies greeting their Mommies and Daddies at the beach, got me longing to see mine. I am so grateful for Grandma Susie and Grandpa Ken who watched our little sweetie. It made me feel good knowing she was home with people who love and care for her! Anna did really well by the way. She was a little trouper while Mommy and Daddy were off having adventures.


The Cottams said...

Way to go. You two are awsome to run the race! Glad to hear Anna did good with the grandparents!

Unknown said...

you guys are AH-mazing! nicely done. i couldn't have done it!

Megan said...

Wow! Those views looked amazing! What a fun thing. I can't believe the torture we put our bodies through sometimes, but it's SO worth it! Nice job to both of you!

Megan said...

Oh, and I loved the "baby-free running" on the van. That's the best!