Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Edge

Every day I open the newspaper at work and read in the Edge. The Edge is a collum about silly people who do silly things. In today's paper they re caped the funniest people of 2007.
I was laughing so hard at some of these I just had to share.

Doofus du Year:
Daniel Brown, 22 of Hartseile, Al., Who wore a ski mask to hide his identity when he staged a home invasion robbery at his grandfathers house in January but blew his cover when he burst in, yelling: "I need your money and I mean it Papa!"

Court appearance of the year:
In Modesto. Ca, Josh Moreno, attempting to get a judge to lift a restraining order, went to court disguised as his wife, wearing a dress, high heels, red lipstick and a long black wig and spoke in a falsetto high-pitched voice. The judge was not fooled and Moreno was arrested.

Quote of the Year:
"Nobody tells the Wookiee what to do"
-Chewbacca impersonator arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly head butting a Hollywood tour guide.


Unknown said...

what do you mean dressing up like his wife didn't work?! dadgum. that is wrong with people?!

Unknown said...

what is wrong with people, i mean.

Lisa said...

I love your header picture of you guys at the beach. Tell me your do you get something so cute on your blog? Hey...send me an email...I miss you ROOMMATE! And I don't even have your email. Here's