Monday, October 15, 2007

This takes the cake

As most of you know I work for an Insurance company. I am always coming home and telling Adam about the funny things that people do, but today really took the cake! A sweet little old Lady came in to our office because she had gotten in an accident and totaled her car. Well the insurance company wrote her a check for her car and she came to sign paper work and get the check. During the course of all the paper signing I asked her for the key to her old car. She looked very confused and asked me why she had to give up her keys. I told her that since the insurance company gave her a check for her car the car now belonged to the Insurance company. She looked even more confused but dug around in her purse and gave me her keys. She then got up with her check and left the office. As I was getting ready to send the paperwork up to our regional office I took the keys out of the envelope and noticed that she had given me the keys to the new car she just bought. I called her right away, and we had a good laugh about it. She told me that since she did not have her keys she walked home and left her car in our parking lot. I can only imagine what she was thinking on the walk home, like how she was going to explain this to her husband, that she had left with a car and came back with out one.

It's funny how you can say one thing to someone ,but they think you mean something else entirely. I thing I will have to be a little more careful next time and make sure I don't trick any more cute little old ladies out of there cars! :)

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Unknown said...

oh my gosh, audrey! i'm dying laughing! that is the funniest thing EVER. that poor little old lady!!!