Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trick or Teat.

I love to play tricks on Adam. I play all kinds of tricks on him, but my favorite ones are when I get him nice and scared! Tonight I came home from work with a fake plastic spider. I immediately went over to Adam with my hands cupped around the spider. I said "Sweetie I caught this in my car and now I'm afraid to open my hands, because I don't want it to get out". This really sparked his attention. I played it up a little more acting like I was really scared. Finally he said the magic words "let me see it". I open up my hands and shook the fake plastic spider in his face and let out a little scream. That really did it! I had Adam screaming like a little girl! It was great!! Man I love playing tricks on him! I felt bad after words so I gave him a a bag of candy as a treat! :) Happy Halloween!


Unknown said...

that's a freakin' hilarious story! i love it. nice work on that one.

Unknown said...

LOVE the banner! it's SO cute. you guys are adorable.