Sunday, September 23, 2007

Race for the Cure

Today officially kicked off my fall running program. Even though I really didn't have a summer or spring or winter for that matter, running program. I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, in down town Portland. I really didn't have to high of expectations for my race time, just to run the whole 5K with out stopping (which I did). I was amazing to see so many people come out for the event (50,000 people to be exact). This is my second year running the race and I plan on making it out every year.

Kendra, Stephanie, Lauren and I all ran the race for the cure together.

And there off... the girl in the front (checking her watch) ended up winning the womans 5K in a little under 17 minutes. Crazy!!!

A sea of woman making there way down Broadway.

Below - Me crossing the finish line in a shade under 31 minutes! My face is supper red, Yikes!

Lauren and Stephanie, crossing the finish line! Yea!

This cute wiener dog ran the whole 5K.

My cute cheerleader! Adam is so supportive! After I was done with my race we ended up walking the 5K again so Adam could have his turn.

Portland loves the Race for the Cure! Even the boats were shooting off pink water in its honor.

Me, Kendra, Stephanie & Lauren after the race.

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100 Percent Cottam said...

wowzers, audrey! i didn't know that about you! i'm super impressed that you're a 5k-er, that's great. And Race for the Cure is such a great cause. good for you. like i said - impressed!!! :)