Monday, September 24, 2007

Swiss Village? Mt Angel, Oregon

As we were driving back from Silver falls, we noticed a beautiful church off the road so we went to investigate. As we drove closer we noticed how everything had a Swiss them. How cute is the little town!
I was told Mt Angel has a really cool Oktoberfest every year! It was in the beginning of September though. Maybe we will get our act together next year and check it out!

The restaurant below was amazing! At certain times of the day giant wooden statues come out and spin around while Swiss music plays.
This photo is for Adams brothers Chris and Sam! As we were stopping for gas we noticed this golf cart. They use it for lock outs, taking gas to people and to tow other golf carts! Adam got pretty excited about it! It's a pretty sweet ride! (Its street legal, this baby can go up to 45MPH)


Unknown said...

that looks like an adorable town! and that ride totally has chris & sam written all over it. they could get into some serious trouble with that baby!

Chris said...

It would be sweet if we had a few of these in the family so we could race around town on it!

Anonymous said...

Mt.angel is a german town. You should definitely check out the octoberfest, its good times.